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How Mobile Trucking Technology Can Improve Your Business

Whether your company is a large or small one, mobile trucking technology will help you improve your business. It can improve the quality of your service, boost your rates, and keep drivers safe. The technology has been around for years, but it has made big progress in the last two years.

There are hundreds of apps available for fleet managers and commercial truck drivers. Some of them are offered by new entrants in the trucking technology space, while others are already popular on load boards, dealerships, and brokers. Many of them have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.

With a mobile device, you can monitor a vehicle’s location, speed, and hours of service. You can also get information about fuel usage, cruise usage, and idling time. You can find out about low bridges, cargo restrictions, and other outlying factors that can affect your routes. These applications can intelligently choose the best route for your cargo loads.

You can also manage your orders with a mobile solution. You can check all active orders, create and assign orders to drivers, and manage your shipping process. The technology can help you eliminate costs and errors, and increase efficiency. You can also bill jobs.

You can use a mobile app to review carrier offers, gather data from a truck GPS, and receive and send messages. Some mobile solutions can even be installed in the vehicles themselves. These solutions are a great way to communicate with clients, reduce paperwork, and make your operations more cost-effective.

Some of the mobile applications provide an interactive map to determine the current location of your truck. You can take a picture of any possible issues and get instant notification of the problem.

These applications also allow you to pay for the cargo you deliver, and you can even get driving instructions from your phone. The convenience of these apps can help you retain clients. They also give you better communication between carriers.

You can also schedule truck service, reserve a shower line at a truckstop, or reserve parking spaces. You can even play games on your phone while you aren’t driving.

Regardless of the applications you choose, it’s important that you introduce the technology to your drivers correctly. They can become too reliant on it, if they aren’t educated. You should also consider the goals of your operations and how you plan to streamline and automate your procedures. If you want to grow your operations, you should implement an affordable mobile trucking solution.

The mobile apps you choose should have smooth registration and login. You should also ensure that you have access to optimized routes. You should also be able to see where your trucks are in real time. You should have a policy on the use of mobile devices while operating your truck.

The benefits of using a mobile solution are endless. You can save money on each trip by finding the best diesel prices. You can improve your customer service, make the payment process easier, and monitor your drivers.

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